Hyperfemininity In Rock Music

There's nothing I love more than a clash of two unlikely aestethics that, when combined, create something unexpectedly beautiful. A visual juxtaposition, if you will.

In this case, it's feminine lingerie and doll-like dresses combined with gritty rock music.

In the male-dominated world of rock (and all genres of music if we're being honest), women are showcased as scantily clad sex pots. They are often seen as groupies, eye candy, and little else.

But what if you want to dress like a groupie AND perform like a rockstar??

Some women chose to shake up the industry, reclaiming their sexuality, femininity, and power despite what anyone else thought of them.


They played into female stereotypes, presenting themselves as a caricature of a good-girl by wearing dresses, lingerie, lace, satin, and the color pink.

They looked like dolls but embodied the rockstar lifestyle.

Get inspired to add some lingerie and pretty dresses to your wardrobe with this short list of women in rock that make a fashion statement - the hyperfeminine way.

Everyone likes a little drama, right?

Kat Bjelland and Courtney Love were roommates and tried to form a band together. They fought too much and decided to form their own bands instead.

While the term "kinderwhore" was coined in reference to Courtney Love's style (and popularized by her), many people still credit Kat Bjelland for starting it.

When asked, Courtney Love claimed that she was inspired to dress that way by Christine Amphlett and KatieJane Garside, not her ex-roommate Kat.

Now, let's take a look at the modern ladies in rock that are carrying on the girly-aesthetic legacy.


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