Style Muse: Stevie Nicks

Calling Stevie's style "witchy" is an uninspired simplification of what her style truly is.

Her iconic looks span so much further than your average modern-day witch attire. There's a depth to her style in the way she uses fabrics and silhouettes to tell a story, and it's clear to me that her influences span back to the Victorian era and 1920s (as my personal style takes inspiration from those periods as well).

Let's take a quick dive into the mind and closet of Stevie Nicks.



By Design

Stevie Nick's style wasn't an accident. She crafted her signature look as a uniform to wear while performing.

To this day, we see flowy, oversized styles and instantly think of her. She wore shawls as a prop because you could see it from the back of the venue, and it created a lot of movement that looked great while she performed.

The Magic

The top hat was a theatrical move, and it's easy to assume the inspiration was taken from cabaret costumes and circus performances of the late 1800s.

In the same way those performances were magical, she wanted to douse her own performances with magic, too.

Fabrics & Texture

Stevie once said "I am a fabric sensualist. I love fabrics. Cashmere, velvet, silk chiffon..."

I feel that to my core. Don't you??

There's nothing better than luxurious fabrics that are different than your average cotton and denim that flood the stores.

She was never afraid to mix fabrics, and to use them to create drama and movement.

The Stevie Flow

She often wore a batwing or bell sleeve, and oversized styles were her go-to.

Even as time went on, she incorporated trends from each decade into her wardrobe, but maintained her signature, ethereal and bohemian look.

Today, we may call her style whimsigothic or witchy because of her flowy, layered looks.

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